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Margaret R. Bradley, Ph.D., is a business psychologist who has an outstanding track record for reducing ramp-up times of new work groups, reenergizing teams, and ensuring that leaders succeed fast when deadlines are short and expectations are tall.

Dr. Bradley has decades of experience as a department head in Fortune 500 companies, an entrepreneur, and a consultant. She has also been a board member in a variety of civic and professional organizations. The solutions she offers as an author, a consultant, and a speaker are based on rigorous research and clients in a wide range of industries have tested them.

As a speaker and workshop leader, Dr. Bradley is known for presenting complex ideas with pizzazz. Her strategies for achieving success quickly are practical, easy-to-implement, and memorable.

Data from tens of thousands of workshop participants and audiences at her speeches provided the foundation for her book, Wouldacouldashoulda: Rapid Results. No Excuses.

academics and professional memberships

Dr. Bradley earned a B.A. from Hollins University. She also holds a master's degree and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia with 36 hours of coursework at the Darden School of Graduate Business Administration.

Professional memberships include the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, and the Society of Consulting Psychology.